Employment Hiring Solutions LLC

The Adirondacks in Upstate New York has a new, dynamic and professional upper management (executive) employment staffing firm ready to assist any size company.  Employment Hiring Solutions LLC (EHSLLC) offers 10 years of experience recruiting national, regional and local full-time/permanent positions. 

Focus…EHSLLC recruits upper management (executive) professionals who are hired with “independent decision-making capability” in their role per the New York State Department of Labor.

Offer…Should your organization sign a working agreement with EHSLLC you can receive a 50% discount for your first two (2) upper management (executive) hires.

Protections…There is no fee unless a hire is made.  A full refund is available, if a candidate is terminated or leaves your firm on their own accord during the guarantee period.

Values…EHSLLC is appreciative of relationships that promote excellent communication, timely responsiveness, professional interaction and a high sense of urgency.

Location: PO Box 684, Schroon Lake, NY 12870