The Schroon Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is pleased to announce the winner of the 2018 Citizen of the Year award, Mr. Curtis McCoy.

Curtis was born in New Russia, NY and moved to Schroon Lake when he was ten years old. Enlisting in the Air Force in 1952 during the Korean conflict, Curtis was stationed in France for a year, then Africa for another year. Upon returning to the U.S, he spent the remainder of his service in Washington state until his discharge in 1956. He met his wife Anne in 1960, married her, and together they raised six children.

Curtis became a fireman in 1963 and was a member of the department for 53 years, never missing a fireman's school, a parade, or a field day. He was a fire warden for many years, fighting wildfires throughout the area and watching over the volunteers. Until the ambulance squad became a separate entity from the fire department, he was also an attendant.

Curt is a shining example of volunteer service, both professionally and personally. Anytime someone called and asked for help, whether it be sinking a point for a well, pouring a footing for a building or needing a ride, he was always willing to assist. He has coached both Babe Ruth and Sand Lot baseball teams and has been a member of the Fish and Game Club since 1989. In 1997 Curt was voted Citizen of the Year by the Club. 

Curtis has also been a member and volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America for more than 60 years, first as a scout, then a scout master, and now as a committee chairman. He spent many a weekend hiking the High Peaks with the boys. Winter weather never stopped them from camping at Crane Pond, Pyramid Lake, or Camp Wakpominee, and Curt and the boys loved every minute of it. Curt has had six Boy Scouts achieve the highest honor a scout can reach - Eagle Scout - as well as three boys who attended the National Jamboree in Virginia. Curt is extremely proud of all of these scouts. His wife Anne says that "if she dies when there's a Boy Scout function, the funeral will have to be planned around it."  That's how much Curt loves the scouting program.

Please join us in recognizing the many years of service Curt has devoted to the Schroon Lake community and congratulate him for this honor!



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