Chamber of Commerce

Since its inception in 1915 the Schroon Lake Area Chamber of Commerce has been recognized and respected as a strong advocate and supporter of local businesses . With our current membership level at 100 plus members, we are committed to creating a healthy, informed and active business coalition.

The Schroon Lake Area Chamber of Commerce commits to:

  • support the growth and development of local businesses

  • maintain and strengthen the quality of life in our community

  • keep our members informed, connected and prosperous

  • support our existing businesses and serve as a catalyst for new commerce and economic development

  • raising awareness of the benefits of doing business in the Schroon Lake Area 


2017 Spring Hours are:

Wednesday  - Saturday 10am - 3pm

CLOSED: Sunday, Monday & Tuesday




The Schroon Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is seeking nominations from the community for Schroon Lake’s 2017 Citizen/Organization of the Year. Help the Chamber celebrate Schroon Lake’s best and brightest by nominating one of our outstanding citizens/organization for this great honor. If you know a person or organization that you feel should be recognized for their contributions to our community, the Schroon Lake Area Chamber of Commerce wants to hear from you.

The Chamber of Commerce established the Citizen of the Year award in 1976 to honor an area resident or organization that has made a significant and sustained contribution to the quality of life in Schroon Lake.  The Chamber of Commerce will honor the 40th person or organization at its Annual Dinner in June 2017.

Nominations for the 2017 award should include the accomplishments for which this person or organization should be honored. Please provide details of their achievements, volunteer endeavors, community service, efforts to improve the quality of life, and personal characteristics that you believe qualify the nominee as Citizen/Organization of the Year.  The nominee need not be a Chamber of Commerce member, but must reside in the Town of Schroon, North Hudson, Paradox, or Severance. 

Any individual or organization may submit a nomination via email to  Please include your name and contact information in the email. All nominations must be received by May 13, 2017. Call the Chamber office at (518) 532-7675 for more information.  

A list of all previous honorees is available on the Chamber’s website ( and on the Perpetual Membership Plaque inside the Chamber building. 

The Chamber Board of Directors will select this year’s honoree after reviewing all nominations. The name of the honoree will be announced Tuesday, May 23, 2017 and the Annual Dinner for the honoree will be scheduled in June, and they will be honored while participating in the 2017 Schroon Lake 4th of July Parade .



1976 Sofia Sterling

1977 Alma Joos

1978 Elizabeth Knox

1979 Clara Frenger

1980 Forrest Harrington

1981 (No One Chosen)

1982 (No One Chosen)

1983 Donald Whitty

1984 John/Georgiana Martin

1985 Ollie Lessard

1986 Dr. Phillip Sawyer

1987 M. Leo Friedman

1988 Helen "Hickey" Keppler

1989 Allen Brown

1990 Alberta White

1991 John Kelly

1992 H. Wilber Gillings

1993 Thomas Williford

1994 Lawrence Traver

1995 Mildred Dobie

1996 John Seagle

1997 Lillian Richardson

1998 Harry & Millie Bollback

1999 Laurie Bruce

2000 Bea Gray

2001 Joseph & Iris Civalier

2002 Schroon Lake Emergency Squad

2003 Rosemarie Ritson

2004 Schroon Lake Lion Club

2005 Bicentennial Executive Committee

2006 Roger Friedman

2007 Lorraine Erikson

2008 Dick Newell

2009 Ed Doley

2010 Schroon Lake Fish & Game Club

2011 Schroon Lake Association

2012 Kate Huston

2013 Bob & Jane Claus

2014 Joel Friedman

2015 Seagle Music Colony

2016 Dan & Kathy Riggins