The Family Cow Soaps

The Family Cow Soaps started as a way to provide the family with a better, more gentle, soap for all the hand washing needed while living on a farm. We also noticed a huge difference in our skin during the cold dry winters of Northern New York. Chapped dry hands became almost obsolete after switching to our handmade milk soap. Cow milk has lactic acid, which is a natural alpha hydroxy-acid for skin renewal. It also has vitamins and minerals, like vitamins A & E, that are in the finished product of the soap. These vitamins are particularly good for skin. Milk soap also contains natural glycerin and the cream from the milk gives additional moisturizing properties to the soap.

Here at The Family Cow Soaps we have a main line of ALL NATURAL milk bars and a couple ALL NATURAL vegan bars available. We do however enjoy the colors and scents of some man made products, therefore resulting in some fun artisan soaps as well. We hope you enjoy using our products!
Location: 2918 US Route 9, North Hudson, NY 12855