Rock N' Cycle Fitness Cycling

What is Rock N' Cycle?

This cardiovascular indoor cycling workout, often called spin or spinning, has participants ride specially designed stationary bikes.  These bikes use a heavy flywheel to have the rider create resistance, simulating riding outside with varying terrain.  During class the instructor coaches amounts of resistance and positions on the bike.  How much resistance used and intensity put into the workout is entirely up to the rider.  You also may get some free trivia and a lot of laughs!


What are the Benefits of Rock N' Cycle Fitness Cycling Classes?

You'll be CRAVING this work out!  Burning calories, strengthening muscles & bones, and training your heart while getting an excellent workout AND NOT BE BORED!  This non-impact class is suited for all fitness levels and all ages.  You're in control of your workout while your being coached with the music. PLUS - classes are instructed for ALL levels.  So anyone can take a class - all ages, abilities, and experiences.
Location: 16 Spruce Lane, Schroon Lake, NY 12870