Paradox Lake Association

Paradox Lake gets its name from a unique occurrence which happens every spring. Melting snow in the eastern Adirondack Mountains flows into Schroon River. Paradox Lake's outlet also flows into Schroon River, but due to the sudden increase in water, the outflow is forced back, causing it to flow in reverse. The word paradox, so the locals claim, means "water running backward" in Indian.

Mission Statement

The Paradox Lake Association (PLA) is comprised of year-round and seasonal residents and members of the business community on and around Paradox Lake and is funded solely by membership dues.

The Association is committed to the preservation and enhancement of water quality and the environment as well as the overall quality of life at the Lake.

Some of our specific purposes include:

  • To raise awareness of lake issues with the community
  • To develop a partnership with lake neighbors
  • To launch fundraising events and apply for grants
  • To collect data on a broad range of lake concerns (water quality, development, lake-use concerns, etc)
  • To gather information and present educational programs for our members and those near the lake
  • To develop a long-range lake management plan
  • To act as a support group for members
Location: PO Box 45, Severance, NY 12872